Psychiatry OPD at civil Hospital Jhajjar

Jhajjar consist of Rural/ Urban areas which contains a diverse Ronye of communities with different mental health & health determinists. Despite over all privilege of mental illness no psychiatry available at Jhajjar in civil hospital as well is as private hospital .

Psychiatry OPD started at civil hospital Jhajjar on every Thursday in order to faculties in mental health.

It has been started under guidance of Chairman Dr. Narendra singh, Dr. Indu Khurana, Dr. N.K. Sharma & CMO Dr. Dhankhar

Psychiatry Dr. Niharika, Dr. Bhagwat, Dr. Prashant from dept of Psychiatry, WCMSRH will visit regularly psychiatry OPD ID order to create awareness & manage psychiatry OPD patients. Suffering from varies live psychiatry disorder, Anxiety disorder repressive, Sexual disorder, Personality disorder, substance also be.