Department Of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

OPD Days

UnitOPD Days
Unit-IMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thrusday, Friday, Saturday

1. General respiratory outpatient services: From Monday to Saturday, Asthma & Respiratory education clinics: Wednesdays (2.00PM to 4 PM), Saturdays (8.00AM to 10AM)

2. In-patient services: we have 20 beded fully equipped well staffed department with one unit.

3. Pulmonary Function Laboratory, spirometry, PFT etc.

4. DOTS- DOTS (directly observed treatment, short-course) is the name given to the tuberculosis control strategy recommended by the World Health Organization. According to WHO, \\\"The most cost-effective way to stop the spread of TB in communities with a high incidence is by curing it. The best curative method for TB is known as DOTS.\\\" DOTS has five main components:

5. Government commitment (including political will at all levels, and establishment of a centralized and prioritized system of TB monitoring, recording and training).

6. Case detection by sputum smear microscopy.Standardized treatment regimen directly of six to nine months observed by a healthcare worker or community health worker for at least the first two months.

7. Drug supply(from govt.).

8. Standardized recording and reporting system that allows assessment of treatment results.