Blood Bank

On the basis of growing blood Transfusion needs of patient’s viz. delivery patient, caesarean section cases and major operation cases, we have established a 24x7 blood bank in our hospital with all modern facilities and equipments required for the purpose. Besides these cases, as our hospital is situated on the national highway no.-334, we are facing growing need of blood to meet the requirement of road traffic accidents cases nay poly-trauma cases. Considering the prevailing scarcity of functioning blood bank facilities in and around our hospital location, the need of establishing a blood bank in our hospital is self has positively sufficed our purpose.

We have also received licence for collecting, storing and supplying Whole Blood and Blood Compnents [ 1. Whole Human Blood IP, 2. Packed Red Blood Cells IP, 3. Leucodepleted Red Cells Concentrate, 4. Platelet Concentrate IP, 5. Fresh Frozen Plasma BP, 6. Plateletpheresis (Leading to single donor platelets), 7. Plasmapheresis (Leading to single donor Plasma)] for this purpose from the competent authority. Our blood bank is already functioning and catering the need of our indoor hospital cases as well as we are also proving the blood to the needy patients of surrounding hospitals and clinics.