Department Of Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy is a full fledged department that has highly experienced and dedicated faculty along with the state of art infrastructure and facilities to impart high quality, clinically relevant education in an experiential learning environment. Our sole mission is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the gross and microscopic structure and development of human body. We also aim to provide a basis for better understanding of the anatomical structure, various clinical problems and disease presentations.

(A) Demonstration Room - Two demonstration rooms fitted with strip chairs
-Over Head Projector, Slide Projector, Television, Video and other audio-visual aids
- Accommodation for at least 75 to 100 students.

(B) Dissection Hall – A well lit dissection hall with proper ventilation including exhaust fans and air-conditioners. There is an ante-room for students with lockers and wash basins. There are adequate teaching aids in the hall. In addition, there is an embalming room which has space for 3 storage tanks and cold storage room with space for preserving dead bodies.

(C) Histology - There is a Histology Laboratory with work benches fitted with water taps, sinks and cupboards for microscope storage and electric points for 90 students. There is a proper preparation room for technicians and storage of equipment.

(D) Research - There is a research laboratory which is used for research purposes.

(E) Museum - A museum with specimens racks and shelves for storing and proper display of wet and dry specimens and embryological sections, models, revolving stands for skia grams, CT scans, MRI and trolley tables, X-ray view boxes. There is adequate seating accommodation for 35 students to study in the museum. There are two attached rooms for the preparation of models/specimens and for artists and modellers. There are 15 catalogues of specimens and models.

(F) Departmental Library - There is a departmental library-cum-seminar room with at least 80-100 books.