Department Of Biochemistry

The blend of biology and technology is biotechnology, a fast growing and evolving field in science. The Department of Bio-Technology prepares the students for this competitive field of science. The curriculum is specially crafted to impart recent advancement and understanding about biotechnology along with basic knowledge about research. The department continuously provides the latest advancements in the field of pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, and drug discovery sectors, healthcare, diagnostic and therapeutic, plant and animal sciences and environmental sectors including all the core subjects.

(A) Demonstration Room - There are two demonstration rooms fitted with strip chairs for accommodation of at least 75-100 students in each room, overhead projector, slide projector, television, video and other audio visual aids.

(B) Practical Class Room - There is a laboratory with benches fitted with shelves, cupboards, water taps, sinks, electric and gas connections so as to accommodate 90 students. There are two ante rooms each for technicians and stores. The preparation room, balance and distillation apparatus is also provided.

(C) Departmental Library - There is a Departmental library-cum-seminar room with at least 80-100 books.

(D) Research - There is one research laboratory for research purposes.