Department Of Microbiology

The department of Microbiology aims to produce microbiologists of excellent calibre, who have entrusted diagnostic skills of infectious etiologies. With the rapid advance of technology and its application to diagnostics, we provide timely and accurate microbiology support where precise and efficient diagnosis can make a difference in patient-care and management, thereby saving innumerable lives.

(A) Demonstration Room - There are two demonstration rooms fitted with strip chairs, over head projector, slide projector, television, video and other audiovisual aids, to accommodate at least 75-100 students.

(B) Practical Laboratories - There is a practical laboratory with benches fitted with shelves cupboards, sinks, water taps, light for microscopy and burners for 90 students with laboratory benches, gas, water and electric points, microscopes and light with a preparation room.

(C) There Is A Separate Service Laboratory Each For
(1) Bacteriology including Anaerobic
(2) Serology
(3) Virology
(4) Parasitology
(5) Mycology
(6) Tuberculosis
(7) immunology.

(E) Museum - There is a museum for specimens, charts, models, with a sitting capacity of at least 40 students.

(F) Departmental Library - There is a departmental library-cum-seminar room with at least 80-100 books.

(G) Research - There is a research laboratory for research purposes.