Department Of Pathology

The department of Pathology aims to instill the concepts of etiopathogenesis, the pathological effects and the clinic-pathological correlation of various diseases. The students will be made able to correlate normal and altered morphology (gross and microscopic ) of different organ systems in different diseases to the extent needed for understanding of disease process and their clinical significance. They will be able to perform & interpret in a proper manner the basic clinico -pathological procedures. The various aspects of pathological procedures. The various aspects of pathology will be taught in a stimulating and learning environment. Besides teaching, the department of Pathology aims to establish, develop and maintain the highest standards in clinical laboratory methods and research.

(A) Demonstration Room - There are two demonstration rooms, fitted with over head projector , slide projector , television, video and other audio visual aids with a sitting capacity of 75-100 students.

(B) Practical Laboratories - There is a practical laboratory with preparation rooms. The lab is equipped with benches fitted with shelves, cupboards, sinks, water taps and electric points for microscopes for 90 students.

(C) There Are Separate Service Laboratories Each For Following Factions -
1. Hematology
2. Cytopathology
3. Histopathology
In addition there is a balance room, store room and special room for high speed centrifuge and a wash room with continuous water supply.

(D) Museum - There is a spacious museum with preparation rooms displaying a variety of gross specimens of all systems . There are over 140 gross specimens with charts , models displayed in all the museum with a sitting capacity of 40 students .

(E) Departmental Library - The departmental library has over 90 books .

(F) Research - There is a well equipped research laboratory for research for purposes.