Citizen charter

This charter provides a framework which enables our users to know about our services.

  1. World College of Medical Science & Research and Hospital is meant for teaching and education.
  2. It provides multispeciality care to the patients.
  3. We ensure our patients get prompt service here.

Right of patients

Every patient has a right to

  1. Receive care by the competent personnel.
  2. Know the name of the concerned physician and all other necessary information if asked for.
  3. Confide all the details related to the treatment process.
  4. Know all the rules and regulations of the hospital.
  5. Refuse any medical examination/ procedure/ treatment or medicine at any time, if found doubtful.

Responsibilities of patients

With rights, come responsibilities. Every patient has the responsibility of

  1. Providing information about present and past illness, hospitalizations, medications and other matters related to health history.
  2. Providing authority to other members to co ordinate in case the patient is unable to communicate.
  3. Helping the doctor and support staff by following instruction.
  4. Reporting safety concerns immediately to his/her doctor, nurse and the support staff.
  5. Maintain decorum, cleanliness and piece in the hospital premises.
  6. Avoiding drugs, alcoholic beverages or toxic substances which have not been prescribed by the doctor