We strive to develop an institution of excellence in medical and research sector to groom skilled and trained doctors. We imbibe traditional and cultural values in the students so that they develop an attitude to serve the nation at large. We aim to impart high-quality education with an emphasis on academic excellence, innovative research & development programmes with core human values. We are committed to creating an institution and a society where everyone is appreciated and judged on the basis of their contributions and performance rather than gender, race, religion, physical abilities, sexual identity or socio-economic condition.


  1. To enable the students to develop their own abilities & talents in order to discover their teaming potential to the fullest under the privilege guidance of highly qualified and dedicated faculty.
  2. To create a work culture where teacher enjoys facilitation and learner enjoys learning for Research & Development.
  3. To develop the potential of human resources to meet the requirements of the patients.
  4. To instil discipline in students and make them ethically strong.
  5. To prepare every student for successful careers based on strong moral & ethical foundation.


Our goal is to promote the highest standards of honesty and integrity to ensure that all members of the community recognise the inherent benefits of living these ideals and to guarantee that academic performance is evaluated reliably and rewarded fairly.We are committed to creating an environment where all members of the community pursue the highest possible level of academic performance and personal development for themselves and other members of the community.We are focused on four necessary traits in order to become synergistic and succeed: A clear team purpose, solid communication, empowerment so that the team can lead themselves, and finally, make sure there is a dedicated commitment to the goal.